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01. Pockets & Knives 06. Bubble
02. Plant* 07. Heartbreak
03. Learn to Drive 08. One Great Town
04. At a Time 09. What Makes Us
05. The Mother and the Whore 10. Coffee Cups

* All songs by Arth & Arth, except for Plant featuring Tim Riley on Bass.
Arthur is the first album from the two brothers Arth & Arth. It's a collection of glorious, dark, uplifting, angry, luscious and wayward songs in the vein of sixties singer song-writer compositions distorted through a digital lens.

It is best listened to late at night, and as a whole, if you can spend the time. Preferably on a good set of headphones which can help the listener to cut-off from their world and connect to the honest emotion of the music. We recommend the Audio Technica ATH-R70x headphones which the band used for the lion’s share of the production. And it goes without saying as high-fidelity FLAC files purchased from Bandcamp.

The album is named after Arth & Arth’s grandfather who died in their youth. He served in the Royal Air Force during World War II and later in life suffered from schizophrenia; spending his latter years in his attic workshop making things. Naming our first album after this creative sedated soul seems an apt tribute.

We all come from somewhere.

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